My first post!

I have some exciting news! We all know I love travelling! I have schemed and dreamed about travelling and visiting the far corners of the earth since I was a little girl…riding my bike to the library to check out books about adventures to far-away-lands, listening to records (yes, records!!) in foreign languages that I wanted to learn, being fixated on flags from all over the world (affixing them to my bedroom door as a kid…), even attending several different language camps during my childhood summers… I also love writing, blogging and sharing my opinions! I finally have the chance to couple my two greatest passions: blogging about travel! Aside from getting my own blog up and running, 2 Moms Travel, I was one of 15 applicants (out of ~650!) to be chosen to blog for Hilton Mom Voyage It was on a whim that I applied after receiving the link from a friend. I mulled over the application for a few days, but finally sat down with a pot of coffee and dusted off my writing brain and had to remember that writing 200 + words takes more thought than a quickly fired off text full of LOL’s, LMAO and silly emoticons. Not only am I excited, my family is thrilled and super supportive….of course, there is some incentive in this for them as well. wink emoticon Stayed tuned! I attend training in DC in March with an incredible bunch of moms (and dads!) that I have already met via social networking